The M6
SIMS technology one step ahead
Features and technical details
The M6 is the latest generation of high-end TOF-SIMS instruments developed by IONTOF. Its design guarantees superior performance in all fields of SIMS applications. Ground-breaking ion beam and mass analyser technologies make the M6 the benchmark in SIMS instrumentation and the ideal tool for industrial and academic research.
High lateral resolution (< 50 nm) with the Nanoprobe 50

Mass resolution > 30,000

Unique delayed extraction mode for high transmission with high lateral and high mass resolution simultaneously

Unmatched dynamic range and detection limits

TOF MS/MS with CID fragmentation for molecular structure elucidation

Flexible, push-button, closed-loop sample heating and cooling system for long-term operation without user interaction

Sophisticated SurfaceLab 7 software including fully integrated Multivariate Statistical Analysis (MVSA) software package