Surface analysis meets organic mass spectrometry
With the OrbitrapTM extension for the M6, IONTOF provides the first commercial SIMS instrument which combines the highest mass resolution (> 240,000) and highest mass accuracy (< 1 ppm) with high resolution cluster SIMS imaging.
The combination of the fast imaging capabilities of the TOF analyser with the unique performance of the OrbitrapTM for unambiguous peak identification provides a new level of SIMS information from organic samples.
The instrument extension also provides field proven, high-end MS/MS capabilities and sets a benchmark for high resolution molecular SIMS applications.
The powerful combination of the gas cluster ion source and the OrbitrapTM analyser enables the distinction of different features even in highly complex organic samples.
For all spectra shown in the two examples the same level of mass resolution and mass accuracy is obtained. Both are a prerequisite for unambiguous peak identification.

The first example shows the analysis of a human bone section. Mass intervals representing the collagenous fibres within the bone marrow are shown in red. In blue, the distribution of C5H15NPO4+ is shown, corresponding to the phosphatidylcholine head group.
Dual analyser configuration with TOF and OrbitrapTM

High resolution gas cluster imaging and spectrometry beyond the static SIMS limit

Mass resolution > 240,000 and < 1 ppm mass accuracy

High resolution MS/MS capabilities
Human bone section

Courtesy of Dr Kaija Schäpe and Dr Marcus Rohnke
(University of Gießen, Germany)
Structural analysis of an OLED device
The second example shows a high resolution structural analysis of a molecule used for OLED devices. The overview spectrum displays the full MS/MS information for the precursor ion C12N4F4. The detail spectra show plots of different fragment ions.